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Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions

Our Fleet Management System (FMS) is a comprehensive and integrated solution that allows businesses to efficiently manage and monitor their fleet of vehicles. It encompasses a range of tools, technologies, and processes that help optimize various aspects of fleet operations, leading to improved efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced safety, and better overall management. GPS technology is at the heart of FMS, enabling real-time tracking of vehicles’ locations, routes, and speeds. By leveraging the insights provided by CAN bus technology, fleet managers can optimize operations, reduce costs, enhance safety, and make informed decisions to ensure the efficient management of their vehicle fleet.

Safety Driving and Transportation

Track vehicles in real-time, improve response times, and streamline supply chain management.

Geo-fence Module

Implement polygon Geo-fencing with entry and exit notifications.

Reporting and Analyzing Tools

Reporting features with customizable modules for informed decision-making.

User-Friendly Interface

Access a comprehensive overview in a single interface.

Dashboard Device Grouping and Group-Based Reporting

Gain insights into fleet performance through group reporting and visualization.

Engine Hour Report

Trigger alarms, emails, and SMS notifications based on engine usage.

Notification Management

Control operational issues related to mileage, time, and engine hour.

Driver Binding and Data Input

Correlate drivers with vehicles for enhanced accountability.